Research Reveals Using Marijuana During Pregnancy Can Harm Baby’s Brain

Research Reveals Using Marijuana During Pregnancy Can Harm Baby's Brain

Research Reveals Using Marijuana During Pregnancy Can Harm Baby's BrainDue to lenient take on possible harms caused by the drug and identification of the advantages, 31 states of the US have legalized marijuana in one way or the other. As a product of this, marijuana or cannabis has become the most regular illegal drug consumed during pregnancy.

In a research conducted in 2016, it was found that 7 percent of pregnant Californian women consumed marijuana, the proportion of which in teenage mothers was as high as 22 percent. Additionally, close to 69 percent of medical dispensaries in the state of Colorado have suggested using cannabis to pregnant women to alleviate the problems related to morning sickness.

It is very important to note here that although marijuana is not harmful for a majority of adults, the influence of this drug during pregnancy or before birth can have negative effects for the fetus. It has been identified from studies that young children who got exposed to cannabis in the womb have 50% higher probability of having lesser birth weight than the norm. As a part of the latest researches carried out and presented, it has been found that exposure of marijuana before birth can have highly negative effects for the development of brain in fetus, at least on rodents.

The director of the Addiction Institute at the Icahn School of Medicine, Yasmin Hurd stated that people have been relaxed about marijuana, partly because of legal relaxations in various states and that’s alright, but just because a drug is not harmful for grownup brain does not entail that it doesn’t have any negative effects on the growing brain.

Although these observations have been made for rodents, they might not mean the same for humans. As commented by Yasmin Hurd, although this research does not bring out anything surprisingly new, it shows that various systems are facing the effects.


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