High Blood Pressure To Be Caused Particular Signaling In The Brain


Almost 6 Million people in Australia aged 18 Years and more have high BP (blood pressure). Of these, over 2/3rd had unmanaged or uncontrolled high BP (not taking medicines), representing 4 Million adult people in Australia. Hypertension, or high BP, is recommended to be one of the top risk factors for heart disorders. The procedure in which high BP causes heart disease is not entirely understood.

High Blood Pressure To Be Caused Particular Signaling In The Brain

But now researchers at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute have discovered that high BP caused by particular signaling from the brain powers heart disease by changing bone marrow with the stem cells. The findings, posted in Haematologica, show how a sympathetic overactive nervous system that causes high BP can instruct stem cells in bone marrow to make more WBC (white blood cells) that block blood vessels. Associate Professor Andrew Murphy, Head of Haematopoiesis and Leukocyte Biology at Baker Institute, claimed that the findings show a new epoch of research on heart disease.

Speaking of BP, researchers earlier designed an innovative smartphone application and hardware that can assist to calculate BP more precisely in comparison to the current cuff gadgets. The group in the U.S. from Michigan State University also invented a more suitable measurement point.

“We aimed a separate artery, the artery present at the fingertip and dubbed as transverse palmer arch artery, to offer us enhanced power to take the measurement,” claimed doctoral student at MSU, Anand Chandrasekhar, to the media in an interview.

“We were eager when we authenticated this spot. Being capable of using your fingertip makes our method more accessible and much easier,” claimed Chandrasekhar, who is senior author of the research posted in the Science Translational Medicine journal. The approach employs 2 sensors. An optical sensor is mounted on top of a force sensor. The other circuitry including the sensor unit is kept in a 1 centimeter-thick box connected to the rear of the smartphone.


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