FCC Approved SpaceX’s Request Of Launching Almost 7K More Satellites

FCC Approved SpaceX’s Request Of Launching Almost 7K More Satellites

FCC Approved SpaceX’s Request Of Launching Almost 7K More SatellitesSpaceX is planning to develop a global wireless network that offers and supports high-speed network with the use of satellites; in this way, it has taken one more step towards development. The FCC has responded positively towards the request of the company to deploy almost 7K satellites in very-low orbit to help to build its Starlink network. Following to this the FCC is giving the company agree on light to launch more 4,425 satellites in March.

When the whole cycle will be completed, Starlink will become the network of around 12K satellites that will cover the whole planet with a consistent network connection. This means that the people living in rural regions or other isolated areas where it is impractical to install the traditional sort of networking can get an access to the network with internet speed of almost 1 Gbps.

SpaceX has already deployed a couple of satellites in February for testing purpose and hoping to launch 1,600 satellites in the next couple of years. However, it will take almost the mid-2020 to complete the Starlink network.

The FCC as well responded positively for the similar requests from Telesat, Kepler, and LeoSat for the organization to as well deploy numerous internet-providing satellites. Last week, SpaceX has submitted an updated plan to launch several satellites at a very-lower-Earth orbit that it has proposed in its earlier plan, to deal with the forthcoming issues.

Just days ago, FCC has done its first-ever auction for selling the high-speed 5G spectrum to a wider level. However, with this auction, we cannot hope that the competition in the market will scatter with this. But as we can see that in relation to launching a new low-orbit satellite, FCC is giving approval to all the prospects, that can help in managing the spectrum and taking care of monopoly in this market to avoid any future inconvenience.


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