Civil Groups Ask Tech Co. To Take Action Against Hate Groups

Civil Groups Ask Tech Co. To Take Action Against Hate Groups

Civil Groups Ask Tech Co. To Take Action Against Hate GroupsTech industries are being asked to push for the Civil rights by the six organizations in order to take some action against the hate groups which are using their services. These organizations want the tech companies to prohibit any kind of hateful activities and they should include it in the terms of services of the company. They should also include resources towards the enforcement.

It has been said that they will be releasing  a report which will include all the statistics of to what extent these tech companies are following their recommendations.

According to Brandi Collins, who is the senior director of the campaign Colors of Change has stated that there are several companies who should improvise their own responsibilities. They have asked the tech companies to examine their duty.

The Silicon Valley is already facing a lot of distress over how it should reciprocate to the hate groups and white supremacist. There are several large and reputed companies which have a public profile and they prohibit anyone from putting any hate comment. After the violence in the Charlottesville, which is in Virginia, there were several tech firms like security vendors to the domain registrars who have started exiling the groups of neo-Nazi.

These tech executives have the power of allowing people to make money or speak online. According to the statement of several Republican lawmakers and President Donald Trump, they are worried about the thought of the tech companies discriminating against the conservative when they are taking their decision of censoring certain people.

According to the group of civil rights, they have indicated intimidation, violence, threats, defamation or harassment or targeting people based on their race to be a part of hateful activities.

This organization wants people and the Tech companies to initiate some new rules that will encourage the people to rise against the hate speech and if they want, they can also report the account for making it diminish.


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