AI-Based Bot To Recognize Galaxies

AI-Based Bot To Recognize Galaxies

AI-Based Bot To Recognize GalaxiesAn artificial intelligence (AI) program used to identify faces on Facebook may also detect galaxies in space, according to scientists on Wednesday. The AI robot named Claan is scanning images made by radio telescopes, according to researchers at the International Center for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) in Australia.

His job is to identify radio stellar systems, galaxies that emit powerful radio waves from super heavy black holes at their center, according to research published in the monthly communications of the Royal Astronomical Society. Black holes are at the core of almost all of the galaxies.

“These super-heavy black holes burst with visible rays from a radio telescope,” said Ivy Wong at the International Center for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) of the University of Western Australia.
“Over time, the jets may drift away from their host systems, making it more difficult for traditional computer programs to determine where the galaxy is located,” Wong said.

ClaRAN came from an open source version of Microsoft’s and Facebook’s Object Detection software. Wong said that the program was completely renovated and resulted in the recognition of galaxies rather than people.
She said that the forthcoming EMU study with the (Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder) telescope should track 70 million galaxies in the history of the universe.

Wong said that traditional computer algorithms can properly identify 90% of the sources. “This still leaves behind 10% or 7 Million difficult galaxies that must be directly monitored by a human being due to the intricacy of their extensive structures,” Wong said.

She said, “If the ClaRAN diminishes the number of sources that necessitate a visual rating of 1%, our citizen scientists will have more time to advance their time in researching new types of galaxies.”

A highly precise catalog developed by Radio Galaxy Zoo volunteers was deployed to educate ClaRAN, of how to identify the source of the jets.
Chen Wu, of ICRAR, and said ClaRAN was an instance of a new pattern called programming 2.0.


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