U.S. Health Official States Drug Overdose Deaths Begins To Settle Off

U.S. Health Official States Drug Overdose Deaths Begins To Settle Off

U.S. Health Official States Drug Overdose Deaths Begins To Settle OffAlex Azar—Health Secretary—recently said that a number of the U.S. drug overdose deaths has started to settle down after years of severe increase in an opioid epidemic. But it is also too early to announce victory, he said.

Azar stated at a medical care function sponsored by the Milken Institute that, “We are away from ending the epidemic, but we are probably, at the end of the beginning.” Encountering the opioid widespread has been the unusual issue linking Democrats and Republicans in a politically separated nation. A statement providing most important funding for management was approved under former President Barack Obama. More funds were followed earlier in this year under President Donald Trump. And soon Trump is anticipated to sign a bipartisan legislation that was passed this month, which amplifies access to treatment, among other measures. According to groundwork numbers, more than 70,000 people sustained death due to drug overdoses in the last year. These numbers were disclosed by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) during this summer. In his discussion, Azar reported that multiple attempts to bring down the widespread under control are working. He showed the statistics of rising in treatment with medications such as naltrexone and buprenorphine. There is solid evidence supporting medication-assisted treatment, which is used with ongoing support and counseling.

Recently, the CDC was also in news for encouraging people to stay fit by washing their hands and it is supported by spreading awareness on social media under #HandwashingHeroes campaign. The CDC celebrated Global Handwashing Day in an ongoing month and had the follow-up with an online discussion and guidelines to clean hands since flu season begins soon. The day is marked as an occasion to make people involved and turn up with innovative ways to cheer people to wash their hands.


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