The County Pays $5million Over A Death Caused Due To Heroin

The County Pays $5million Over A Death Caused Due To Heroin

The County Pays $5million Over A Death Caused Due To Heroin A Pennsylvania county is going to pay a compensation of $5million to a teenager’s family who died after the withdrawal of heroin in the jail. The lawyer of this family said that staff has ignored her necessary medical needs from many days and also lied about this. Victoria Herr, age 18 was being arrested on 27th of March, 2015 after the police reaching after her boyfriend got drugs at their apartment. She told that she consumes ten bags heroine per day and withdrawal of this may turn out tough for her.

Also, after withdrawal she had severe vomiting & diarrhea for next 4 days, & was provided with water, Ensure as well as adult diapers, said lawsuits. But Herr was unable to keep fluids in her body and suddenly collapsed due to apparent dehydration when she was brought back in cell from medical unit. After that, she died on 5th of April in the hospital.  She was sick and needed more attention, said her lawyer, Jonathan Feinberg who looked after the case. A disregard by the jail officials was seen, where they ignored her condition by stating that she has been addicted to such drugs.

He told that she should have to be shifted to emergency room and provided with intravenous fluids which could have helped her survive. Her family put forth the case for death claim this month amounting $4.75million, Feinberg said. He also said that medical officials lied about considering Herr’s situation before she collapsed, by saying that she would never regain consciousness. During three years after her death, Secretary of Pennsylvania has started providing methadone & other drugs for treating such opioid addiction. Some studies suggested that 25percent of people living in jails get addicted to such opioids, says Sally Freidman, Vice President, Center for National Action, a non-profit organization of New York.


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