Google Dismissed 48 Workers Over Sexual Misconduct

Google Dismissed 48 Workers Over Sexual Misconduct

Google Dismissed 48 Workers Over Sexual MisconductGoogle declared that it has removed 48 workers for sexual harassment in the last 2 Years and dismissed them without severance packages. This news comes hours after a media report, which claimed that Google had defended some male officials undergoing sexual misconduct accusations and provided them huge paychecks to leave the firm.

The surprise revelation this week came to Google employees in an email from Sundar Pichai (the CEO). It was a direct answer to a report from New York Times that the firm had removed the officials (that were handling its Android software) for sexual harassment in 2014 and gave them hefty sums to leave.

A spokesperson for former Android official, Andy Rubin, claimed that he left on his own harmony and has never been told of any allegations of sexual harassments. Rubin admits having consensual sexual relations with Google staff that did not report to him, following the boundaries summarized by the firm, as per the spokesperson.

Speaking of sexual misconduct, a senior official at Microsoft Corp earlier claimed the firm carefully examines problems raised by females in the office and fired almost 20 workers over complaints of sexual harassment. This comes as the firm looks to counter statements that it treats women employees unjustly.

In a mail to workers publicly issued earlier, Kathleen Hogan, the Chief People Officer of Microsoft, claimed that Microsoft had 83 complaints of harassment last year out of a US-located labor force of more than 65,000 workers. Almost 50% were discovered to be supported at least partially following an inquiry, she claimed, and over half of those led to the termination of a worker who was guilty for intolerable behavior.

The strange publication of such information arrives as the biggest software firm in the world is defending a court case which blames it thoroughly refused promotions and pay raises to females.


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