CDC Survey: 1 In Every 3 America Individual Eat Fast Food Any Day


American individuals are in awe of fast food and they certainly love it, as based on the recent survey of CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) that 1 in every 3 adults in the US eats fast food any day.

As per the survey that has been conducted from 2013–2016, 36.6% of adults in the United States eat fast food, which was mentioned in the report as restaurant pizza or fast food on the same day, almost 50% of them are in between 20–39 years.

As per the results of the report show that the consumption of fast food rate was reduced based on the age of the individuals. The report shows that the individual between 20–39 years has 44.9% of individuals eating fast food, which reduced to 37.7% when it comes to individual’s age between 40and 59, and for individuals of 60 and above, the percentage again reduced to 24.1.

According to the report, women were reported to like and eat more of the fast food as a snack; on the other hand, men were like to have fast food during lunch.

As per the survey, it was found that non-Hispanic black individuals reportedly consuming fast food on any day. The percentage of the individuals is somewhere around 42.4%; whereas the non-Hispanic white individuals are at 37.6% who eat fat food every day, and the Hispanic individuals and non-Hispanic Asian individuals reportedly are 35.5% and 30.6%, respectively.

A surprising fact is as well found that the consumption fast food increased in direct proportion with the income level of the company, which generally the part of lower socioeconomic regions, was generally eating around 42% more than the families with higher income level.

The result of the study is that the American is in love with the fast food that based on a variety of factors.


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